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About our Food & Drink tours

Food and drink is an important part of most of our small group trips, from cycling in Andalucia to exploring the kingdom of Bhutan. But we also arrange a number of dedicated food and drink tours, including combined Walking and Wine Tasting, as well as Cycling and Wine Tasting. On these adventures we explore all aspects of gastronomy: our expert local tour leaders and specialist guides will explain the traditions, origins and influences of the cuisine and show you how the food is grown, harvested and brought to market. They’ll also take you to off the beaten track places that only the locals know about, where you can enjoy sampling classic and less well-known specialities. From time to time we also roll up our sleeves and try our hand at cooking up a local treat.

See how spices are grown in India, jostle with locals at a market in Vietnam, sample the freshest, most aromatic street food in Thailand, search out the most authentic home cooking in Turkey, try the exquisite tapas of northern Spain or cook up a fiery feast in Mexico. 

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Best destinations to sample local cuisine



Whether you’re indulging in freshly caught fish prepared in a zesty ceviche dish, or trying one of the 4,000 varieties of potato, Peru is a goldmine of hearty and nourishing cuisine. In the capital city of Lima you’ll find no shortage of seafood dining thanks to the fresh catches hauled in at the fish market. With raw fish being the number one ingredient in ceviche, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to give it a try on a Peruvian food adventure. Meanwhile, in the Andean Sacred Valley region, observe the traditional Pachamanca method of cooking. Using a makeshift underground oven, meat and potatoes are covered in stones, hay and earth to cook everything to perfection.



As one of the most evolved foodie nations on earth, Japan is an ideal choice for a food adventure. In the ultra-modern city of Tokyo you’ll find a wide range of bustling food markets, serving everything from fresh seafood snacks such as takoyaki (diced octopus fried in dough), to super sweet desserts like red bean cake. In the mountainous city of Takayama you’ll find hida-gyu beef from black-haired Japanese cattle raised in the Gifu Prefecture. For everything green tea and matcha, visit Uji, Kyoto, known as the green tea growing capital.



From the lively souks of Marrakech, teeming with aromatic and vibrant spices, to the foothills of Erg Chebbi where you’ll find traditional Madfouna (flatbread stuffed with nuts, meat, vegetables and spices), Morocco is full of flavour. Embark on a Morocco food adventure and you’ll have the opportunity to try your hand at making traditional tagine (slow-cooked casserole made in an earthenware pot) as well as traditional couscous topped with lamb.



Abundant with rustic vineyards and moreish markets, Italy is renowned for its delectable cuisine. Join a Tuscany food adventure for a stop in the port city of Livorno, famous for its seafood and scenic canals. Here you’ll visit the 19th-century Mercato delle Vettovaglie, a Neoclassical central market offering fish, cheese, meat and bread. Alternatively, combine food with walking as you explore Puglia on foot. Try your hand at making local orecchiette (‘little ear’) pasta and enjoy a tasting of rich olive oils at a traditional mill.



Known for cuisine that expertly balances spice and flavour, India is a particularly popular destination for vegetarian dining. From street snacks such as masala dosa (a thin lentil-based pancake stuffed with potato curry) to spicy coconut curry home cooked by a local family, the dishes you’ll find here are as nourishing as they are flavourful. On an Indian food adventure you’ll also explore the tea plantations of Munnar, learning how the leaves are picked by hand and turned into your favourite morning brew.

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