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Sustainability on tour

Immersive. Inspiring. Enduring.
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Explore is an inherently responsible tour operator. Small group sizes allow us to visit a community, not invade, and to be welcomed back. We pride ourselves on this commitment. However we must do more, we must challenge ourselves and our suppliers, share knowledge and experience, and together with our customers move towards a more sustainable product.
The changes we make as a company are a result of collaborative work, we believe in truly understanding the issues at hand as well as appropriate responses. We have online discussion forums to guide decision making, speaking with professionals in that field, our local partners in country, tour leaders and industry peers to ensure we are not dictating change but shaping it informatively.  
We wanted to share some of the ways we plan to decarbonise our holidays, make them more efficient, more responsible and ultimately more sustainable so that we can continue to share these wonderful places with you.

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